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Who We Are


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  First Presbyterian was founded in 1828, and our sanctuary was built in 1882.  In the 1920s, there were additions and modifications to the sanctuary to make space for Sunday School classrooms.Then in the 1960s, a fellowship hall and more classrooms were added.  

    So, people have been calling this place home as a congregation for many years, and we treasure the stories and the buildings we have inherited from earlier generations.

   What has always been important, of course, are the people who have worshipped and served here as disciples of Jesus.   People have studied and ministered here.  They have shared their possessions and cared for children, for the sick and for the aged.  They have been baptized here, married here and raised families here.  They have volunteered and served here and around the world.  They have sought peace and survived wars. They have celebrated and grieved together.  They have faced everything with God as their help.   This has been a sanctuary in many ways. 

   Just as we as a congregation can take no credit for what many consider one of the most beautiful worship sanctuaries anywhere around, neither can we here today take credit for the caring spirit and open hearts that God has created among the members of this church.  We come from Pulaski and Middle Tennessee, from other states in the U.S., but also from places like Canada and Bulgaria.   We have all sorts of jobs, and we have just about every age you can pick.  We’re just regular people.  There are no superheroes here, no superstars or celebrities--for, it is God’s Spirit who holds us together as people and a congregation.  

   We’re also living evidence and witnesses to the the fact that God works among regular people with all the life stories that regular people have--the happy ones and the hard ones, the successes and the setbacks. 

   The book of Hebrews says that Jesus is not ashamed to call any of us his brother or sister (Hebrews 2:11) and Jesus himself says that he did not come to seek the righteous but those who need a physician. 

   So, we sincerely hope we are people who extend the welcome and love of Jesus to everyone we meet. 

Mission and Service


  Much of what we do as a congregation takes place in our church building, of course.  We do all we can to take care of each other, in whatever we are facing.  We teach, we serve food, we visit and care for the sick and the aged, as best we can.  We seek to support one another and those who come through our doors.

    Most of what we do, however, is out in the community.  Our jobs and our volunteer work in the community support health care, schools, government and businesses that all play a crucial role in healthy community for everyone in Giles County.

    But we also hear the call of God to reach beyond ourselves as a congregation and a community--”into all the world.” Through Living Waters for the World, we have partners in Guatemala and Haiti, and through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance we seek to bless people in need all around the world.

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